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  • Radiators

  • Intercoolers

  • Oil Coolers

  • Condensers

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Repairs


At Radiator Centre we supply a complete range of services covering every aspect of automotive cooling
Whatever the nature of your radiator or cooling system problem, we can provide expert advice, service and repair.

At Radiator Centre we:

  • Supply new radiators for most popular cars.
  • Repair aluminium Intercoolers and Aftercoolers.
  • Specialise in heavy duty Forklift radiators.
  • Overhaul Automatic Transmission Coolers
  • Repair earthmover Tube and Shell-Type oil coolers.
  • Repair aluminium car and truck radiators.
  • Repair Air Conditioner car condensers.
  • Have a De-Rusting Plant.
  • Flush, clean and repair metal Fuel Tanks.
  • Service new Plastic Fuel Tanks.
  • Build Special Purpose Coolers to your specifications.
  • Repair Motorcycle water cooling systems.
  • Specialise in emergency services and offer a two hour priority repair.
  • Replace Plastic Tanks on copper core truck radiators with Brass Tanks.
  • Make new Copper Brass Radiators to Replace Plastic Aluminium radiators.
  • High pressure and Chemically clean cooling units.

Services overview

We provide professional flushing of cooling systems, radiator and intercooler re-coring or refurbishment, custom-made parts as per customer requirements, sales of quality replacement parts, specialized systems and component testing as well as expert cooling system troubleshooting, service and repair. We deliver and collect to our Industrial and Commercial customers.

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