Arduino Project: Simple Arduino Robot Controlled by Android via Bluetooth module HC-06/HC-05

Having posted some quality PIC microcontroller projects, I think now it’s time to take a break and have some great arduino projects. Arduino project kits are becoming quite popular these days due to its advantages over other microcontroller systems. If you’re a newbie to arduino then I strongly recommend you to read our arduino getting started article. Recently we’ve published a real time clock with alarm which I hope is one of the best arduino projects for beginners.

Now let’s build an arduino robot that can be controlled by an android mobile or tablet, with the help of an android app that can be downloaded from Google Playstore. The android application gets connected to the Bluetooth module and sends desired commands. This app controlled robot is capable to move in any direction. Though there are lots of similar apps out there, we have programmed this project to be used with Robot control app by MikroElectron.

We have recently?introduced an obstacle avoidance robot using PIC microcontroller.


Components Required

  1. Arduino Board
  2. Robot Control Android App
  3. HC-06 Bluetooth module
  4. L293D IC
  5. 100 RPM DC motor X 2

Arduino Project Circuit

Arduino robot controlled by android


  • The TX pin of HC-06 blue tooth module is connected to RX pin (Pin 0) of the arduino.
  • Now the android application will connect the android device to bluetooth module HC-06 or HC-05.
  • You can scan the Bluetooth device ( HC-06 or HC-05) to connect using this application.
  • After connection has been established, you can start pressing buttons. When the forward button is pressed it will send letter ‘F’, ‘B’ for back, ‘R’ for right, ‘L’ for left and ‘S’ for stop.
  • Arduino will receive these letters via the serial pin RX of baud rate 9600.
  • There are different program functions for forward, back, left and right.
  • After receiving data from android device, arduino switches the function corresponding to the letter received.
  • Here I am using a 12V 100 RPM DC gear motor, so it can’t be drove by arduino, I have used L293D to drive motors.
  • The four pins of arduino(4, 5, 6 and 7) are connecter to the input pins of L293D for sending signals to drive motor.
  • By pressing the forward button in the android device, it will send a ‘F’ to the Bluetooth module which is received through RX (pin 0) of arduino and it will store this into a variable ‘A’.
  • Using case statement it switches to the corresponding function, for forward movement both motor will rotate in the same direction and to move it back both the motor will rotate in opposite directions to that of forward direction.
  • To move left and right either of the motor will rotate and to stop both motor will stop.
  • You can use either HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth module because here Bluetooth module acts as slave, HC-05 can be used as master too but here we want to use as slave . You can buy Bluetooth module for $10 approx.
  • These modules are automatically enabled when you power up the device and you have to pair this with your android device using the default passkey 1234. You can change the name and passkey using AT commands.

Arduino Robot Programming Code


Program code is available at very cheaper price in our CG_Program_Store. Look Arduino section in our CG_Program_Store

Arduino Android Robot Video Demo

We have prepared a video demonstration of this Arduino robot. Please share if you like this.

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