Custom Valves  

Gunric Valves manufactures each valve according to client specifications, and exports final high-quality valve products across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

Customised valves made to client specification


High operating pressures



CL 1 500 Butterfly Valves

for Steam Application


Gunric Valves supplied 3 of the world’s highest pressure 30” valves for a steam application at 117 bar in Saudi Arabia. These valves are designed to operate

at over 519° Celcius.

Demanding operating cycles



Butterfly Valve Tested to

500 000 Operating Cycles


To help avoid maintenance at water depths of over 40 m, Gunric Valves manufactured a triple-eccentric butterfly valve to last well over 50 years at a dam

in Aachen, Germany. By opening and closing 4 times a day, this will eventually amount to over 500?000 actuations.

Extreme operating temperatures


1350 mm Metal Seated

Butterfly Valve at 950°C

Gunric Valves supplied a platinum smelter with a valve for operation in a gas furnace at a temperature of 950° Celcius.

72” Butterfly Valve at -50°C


Gunric Valves supplied a refinery in Kazakhstan with valves with steam tracing capabilities to help prevent

valves from cracking during plant shutdown in winter.

Other Solutions from Gunric Valves:

Butterfly valves


Sizes from 80 mm to 4 000 mm

Extreme pressure ratings

Made to client specifications


Check valves

CHECK valves 

Sizes from 400 mm and 4 000 mm

Pressures from CL 125 to CL 400

Replaceable seat AND seal


Gunric Valves has the butterfly valve and

check valve solution: 


High Pressure

High Temperature

Triple Eccentric

Metal Seated

Stainless Steel

Large Diameter

Design valves according to client specifications:

With customisation, you can: 

? Sizes from 3” to 157” and 80 mm to 4 000 mm

? Pressure ratings from PN 2.5 to PN 250 and CL 125 to CL 1 500

? Temperatures ranging from cryogenic to +1 000°C

Gunric Valves will customise each valve to suit even the most

unique valve application.

Keep pipelines warm with steam tracing

To keep pipelines above ambient temperatures, Gunric Valves’ butterfly valves can incorporate channels for steam tracing.

? Helps to prevent gas condensation

? Prevents liquids from freezing or jellifying

? Helps maintain optimal flow – depending on your pipeline’s media


Control pipeline temperature with jacketing


To help keep pipelines at required temperatures, we incorporate a water or oil-filled jacket around the butterfly valve’s flange recess. This heat-dissipating media helps to manage pipeline temperatures.

? Helps to prevent liquids from evaporating

? Helps maintain optimal flow – depending on your pipeline’s media


Ensure safety with locking devices


Technicians working in pipelines rely on tightly-sealed valves for their safety. Gunric Valves manufactures butterfly valves with locking devices – preventing the accidental opening of valves during maintenance or inspections.



Customised valves comply with all relevant regulations
various actuating mechanisms can be incorporated into value designs


Customised valves available for multiple orders


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