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Stahl and MBO Vacuum Wheel -- Recovery or Exchange

Stahl Vacuum Wheel Prices and Order Form
MBO Vacuum Wheel Prices and Order Form

VACUUM WHEEL EXCHANGE: Call for availability of the model you need. We send you a recovered vacuum wheel to replace your old Stahl or MBO vacuum wheel at 30% of the OEM price for new vacuum wheels. Once you receive the sucker vacuum wheel you can change it out at a convenient time within the next ten days and return your used vacuum wheel to us. Returned cores must be reusable.

RECOVERY: Not in a hurry? Send us your vacuum wheel for a quick turn-around on recovery. We recondition your MBO vacuum wheel by changing the black feed belt and returning it to "like new" condition. We can work magic on your old vacuum wheels. Here are a few wheels before reconditioning. As long as the steel cores are in good shape, we can recover or exchange your vacuum wheel.

The vacuum wheels shown above have a good metal core despite how deterioriated the urethane has become. Our reconditioning process replaces the urethane and cleans up the metal core.

We manufacture folder parts, specializing in folder rollers with high performance soft urethane for maximum productivity, segmented gluing rollers, and vacuum wheels, for all makes of OEM buckle folders. Restore your buckle folder fold rollers using our Recovery and Exchange programs for folder rollers and vacuum wheels. We can also convert any buckle fold folder, old or new, to "spiral grip" fold rollers or TH rollers that have superior grip. All folder rollers are available in 'high grip' urethane for faster running speeds with aqueous stock. We replace your old urethane using a heat bond process of 90 durometer Uniroyal urethane, which is an exact match to all OEM buckle folder rollers.

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