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The Tenor 350M Ultimate Reference Amplifier is also available as the 350M Studio Ultimate Reference Guitar Amplifier. ?

Without a doubt, the most luxurious guitar amplifier on the planet! ?The accuracy of the 350M Studio is the best to drive your?favorite?Mesa Boogie, Marshall stack or simply your?favorite?1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 speaker cabinet. ?(I have a naked 1x12 Mesa with a 12” Celestion Gold Alnico magnet speaker)

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This is the right way to play - using a high end?pedal?preamplifier, ideally Class A, to dial in your personal sonic guitar signature. ?

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a typical amplifier, or for that matter difficult to play an amplifier, whose output tubes distort differently as part of the sonic signature of the amplifier. ?Once the amplifier distorts, the?ability to control the speaker is lost and the sound becomes undulating. ?The Tenor 350M Studio uses a harmonically correct tube stage to drive mosfet output devices to have the speaker cabinet do its bidding. ?The?amplifier’s damping factor is completely linear?across the entire frequency range so your speaker cabinet becomes a complete slave to the Tenor amplifier. ? The Tenor is completely?neutral and distortionless due to Tenor’s proprietary HSI technology - so your pedal is amplified without any change in characteristics at all frequencies from 20 Hz - 200,000 Hz!

Plug your guitar into your?favorite?pedal/preamp (I like the discontinued Demonizer and/or Womanizer from Damage Control) then feed the pedal output directly into your Tenor 350M Studio directly?coupled?to your speaker cabinet. ?You will be surprised what you have been missing for all of this time! ?You will be also surprised at?how much better your playing sounds when you have an amplifier with a 1.15 μs rise time. ?Anything else is simply too slow! ?Most guitar amplifiers are limited in frequency and harmonics whereas the 350M Studio provides pitch perfect amplification from 20 Hz to 200,000 Hz. ?The Tenor 350M Studio reproduces each pickup’s natural harmonic and clamps your speaker to do exactly as your fingers dictate. ?The net effect is beautiful full harmonics all sonically displayed individually yet collectively in the most realistic amplified presentation one will ever experience!?

Some believe the guitar and its speaker are limited to the natural bandwidth of the speaker at roughly 75 Hz - 5,000 Hz for a Celestion Gold as an example - so it makes no sense to have an amplifier with extreme frequency response. ?What most do not realize is you can hear the harmonics of the?guitar notes outside?of the frequency?response since?they make their way into audible territory and form the signature you most definitely will recognize. ?Just play an?acoustic guitar without amplification and you will hear the full spectrum that is present. ?Electric guitars have even more to gain since the?effects?pedal has?multiple harmonics that can easily go past 20,000 Hz. ?One has to hear a frequency response from 20 Hz to 200,000 Hz to believe what you have been missing!

Whatever your musical taste, you can count on the 350M Studio to deliver an out-of-body experience unlike anything you have ever heard or felt before!

The Tenor 350M Studio - The most musically correct guitar amplifier in the World!

MSRP $65,000 usd each

November 19, 2014?

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Tenor debuts its 350M High End Guitar Amp as opening act for the Steve Miller Band. ?Opening to 3500 people, Tenor’s President, Jim Fairhead with his bandmates, Sonic Coalition, rocks out for charity at Casino Rama helping Paul Larche’s Radio for Radiology Campaign reach $500,000 to?purchase a CT Simulator?for the Simcoe Regional Cancer Centre .

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